Monday, October 18, 2010

Get a referal day

Search & Win

Today is get a referal day on SwagBucks. You might have seen an earlier posting of mine talking about swagbucks. You can look at that to learn more.
Basically, you earn swag bucks for using their search engine instead of google or yahoo. Then you turn these in for prizes. I use it all the time and have gotton over $40 worth of prizes.
It's completely legit, and 100% FREE. No shitty surveys or any of that crap, you just have to use the swagbucks search engine.

With referals, you earn matching swagbucks. So what you earn, I also earn. So please sign up for swag bucks today and get to searching!

 There's a special 20 Swag Bucks code for new referals for today only, check the Swidget on the right, click on SwagCodes.----------->


  1. Also, once you sign up, go to the facebook page, there are zounds of Swaggers who love to help newbies with tips on how to get more SwagBucks.

  2. I'm your 200th follower!;)

    i want your loveeeeeeeeeee!:D

  3. Might look into it, if it's easy

  4. @Money
    It's no hassle. You use google don't you? Its the exact same thing execpt you get paid for it.

  5. cool man, swagbucks looks pretty neat, i'll check into it.

  6. I am going to check this out, right now.

  7. The Mad Man, will have to see what lies in store in the future madness that will become me!

  8. Not sure how I feel about swagbucks. I'll look into it first

  9. Great post! Thanks for checking out my blog too. More butts and such up if you like