Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And another way to make some dough

When you do your web searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing or anyother search provider, they make money each time you search. Shouldn't you get some of the profit? I think so too.

You may have heard about "Search and win" sites. These are site which basically pay you to search using their search engine. The advertisers pay them, and they pay you. You don't actually get paid money, but they have a points system where once you accumulate enough points from websearching, you can trade in the points for stuff they have in their on line store, including Amazon and paypal giftcards (the best deal).

The best one out there is SwagBucks. Their giftcards are the cheapest, and you win more. Basically, you just need to sign up and start using their search engine. Getting the free toolbar is optional, it's just a little convient thing.

Do all of your web searching there, every single thing. Need to go to YouTube? Type in youtube in the SB toolbar, and then go from there. Same goes for every other site.

Now, you get SwagBucks randomly on searches. During my first 2 weeks, I had gotten enough for two 5$ Amazon giftcards.

You are going to search the web anyway. Why not get paid for it? Here is my referal link:

PS You also get matching swagbucks for referals. So when you make 10, I make 10, and so on untill you reach a thousand and that's all they let you get from one referal.

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment. It is in my interest that you do as well as possible on SB becase I earn what you earn.

PROTIP: Be patient. A lot of my referals just sign up and then not use SwagBucks anymore. Think of it as a slow, long term thing. Just a causual way to make money where you weren't making any before.


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