Sunday, September 19, 2010

4chan is down =0

Is 4chan ever going to be fixed? The site has been frozen all day. Jesus moot, get your shit together/

edit: yep it's back up again. I think it was a counter Ddos from MPAA and apix. It was down for nearly 8 hours.


  1. thanks for breaking rules 1 and 2.

    btw its been down all day

  2. good. 4chan is shit now anyway. true anons are too busy trolling for the newfaggotry there anyway.
    ED is exponentially more lulzy then the chanz ever were.
    @money rules 1 and 2 stopped being relevant over 9000 years ago, it's not like /b/tards follow any of the others. :/
    ITT: Oldfags about to get flamed

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  3. Hmm, poster above me is a huge hypocrite.


  4. thevoid is right. "Rules 1&2" are utter crap. 4chan has an alexa of like 500. Those rules only apply to raids, and that's just common sense.

  5. Not wise to talk about ebaumsworld. The higher ups will f*ck you up.